Monkey and Happiness

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Degenen die Linda Franz’ Inklingo al kennen, kennen waarschijnlijk ook haar vriendje Monkey. Monkey is een geweldige hulp en ook nooit te beroerd om te poseren voor foto’s of filmpjes. Een van Linda’s laatste filmpjes deed mij denken aan de licht-filosofische dierenverhalen van Toon Tellegen. Ik heb er zelf een dergelijk verhaaltje bij geschreven. (Ahum…) Voor iedereen die alleen Nederlands leest: Koop een boek van Toon Tellegen over de mier en de eekhoorn, dat is echt veel beter! Voor degenen die geen Nederlands lezen, lees ‘Monkey & Happiness’ van ondergetekende. En bekijk dan het filmpje…

Those of you who already know Linda Franz’s Inklingo, probably also know her little friend Monkey. Monkey is a great help who is always willing to pose for pictures and perform in videos. One of Linda’s latest videos reminded me of the lightly philosophical short animal stories by Dutch writer and poet Toon Tellegen. The video ‘Friends and the blue chair’ inspired me to write a short story in his style. (Ahem…) I recommend anyone reading Dutch to read one of Toon’s stories about the squirrel and the ant, they are of course much better. But for those of you who don’t read Dutch, read ‘Monkey & Happiness’ by yours truly. And then watch the video… 

 XXX Anneke

Monkey & Happiness

What is Happiness? asked Monkey. I have heard so much about it, but I still don’t understand what it is. I want to know what it is, and I am tired of looking for it.

People told me I could find Happiness in a book, so I tried reading many books.

Someone told me I could find Happiness riding on my tricycle, and I tried that.

Then someone told me I could find Happiness in a hot bath, and I tried that, too.

It was nice, and I had fun, but I don’t think I found Happiness.

I thought I would finally get it when I heard that monkeys find Happiness in trees.

I climbed a tree, and I sat there for a while. But nothing happened. I even got a little bored. So I think maybe it wasn’t true.

Well, said Linda. I have learned that it isn’t much use to go looking for Happiness. I let it come to me.

How do you do that? Monkey asked, eagerly looking up to her.

Happiness comes to me on days like this, when the sun shines, flowers bloom and there is a gentle breeze, Linda explained. When I go out on the porch to sit in my favorite chair, with some hand piecing and something nice to eat. And then, when it is really calm and quiet, Happiness comes to me.

I wish someone told me that sooner, Monkey thought. The day goes by so quickly. I have to prepare! If it takes too long the breeze will have passed by, and clouds will appear in front of the sun.

So he started working.

First, he quickly pulled his blue chair onto the porch.

Then, he found his hand piecing project. Luckily he already had some hexagons prepared. (with Inklingo of course!)

All he had to do now was take something nice outside to eat.

What would draw Happiness to him? He thought of this own favorites, but he wasn’t sure what Happiness would like. Maybe banana ice cream? But no, that would melt quickly. And Monkey thought that a lukewarm pale yellow puddle would probably chase Happiness away.

But then he remembered reading that Health grows Happiness. So he carefully arranged a pile of healthy seeds in front of his blue chair.

And then he sat there, quietly stitching his hexagons together. The flowers smelled wonderful. He heard birds singing cheerfully. And the warm sun even made him a little sleepy. Well, Monkey thought, even if Happiness does not come to me, I will have had a most enjoyable afternoon.

 But wait, what was that? He thought he heard something….. And yes, there it was…

Nice to meet you, Happiness! said Monkey.

Happiness smiled back at him, and climbed in the blue chair with Monkey.

Aaah…So this is Happiness! Monkey thought.

And he smiled contently, as he and Happiness were sitting in his blue chair together.


13 comments on “Monkey and Happiness

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  2. What a wonderful way to put words to Linda’s delightful pictures with Monkey and his friend. Thanks for sharing (I saw the link through Linda’s Yahoo group posting. I feed my backyard critters (all kinds of birds, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs) every day, but have never had them join me so close, though I came close with some brave woodpeckers landing on my deck railing to claim their peanuts.

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