Inklingo is FAST…

Precise, simple, fast

Secuur, simpel, snel

(klik hier om direct naar Nederlands te gaan)


Inklingo is…

P for Patented, Pleasant, Patchwork Piecing (and appliqué)

R for Really Recommendable

E for Economical, Efficient, Eliminating several steps of traditional quilting methods

C for Calculations (all done for you), Cotton fabric (any ordinary), Charms (& scraps and yardage), Clever, Carefully designed  Color Choices

I for Inkjet printer (any ordinary), Invisible Ink lines (from the front)

S for Shapes Straight of grain

E for Excellent, Exciting, Environmentally friendly (no packaging, no shipment, uses very little ink)


S for Savings (Storage Space, time, fabric, money and energy), Safe (Scissor cutting or rotary cutter)

I for Innovative Invention, Iron (hot and dry)

M for Monkey, Machine piecing (& hand piecing and hybrid), Miniature hexagons and Many More Marvelous shapes

P for Perfect (cutting lines, sewing lines and matching marks) Producing Pleasing results

L for Lines printed on fabric, Linda, Learning curve (Low and short)

E for Easy and Effortless, Endless numbers of cut shapes, with Exact 1/4 inch seam allowance Every time


F for Free collections, Friendly for First timers, Fun, Furrily (and thoroughly) tested and explained

A for Accurate, Addictive, Always Available for downloading

S for Select your fabrics and Stitch in no time, Start here

T for The quilting Tool we always wanted, Truly and Totally compatible with any Technique, pattern or method, Templates Technologically improved

Now check out how FAST Inklingo really is. (Start the video by Linda Franz, I had to watch it several times to take it all in!)

Inklingo is…
Secuur, Snel en Simpel
Succes met vlag en wimpel

Simpel, Snel, Secuur
Stapels lapjes in een uur
En stuk voor stuk
Exact op maat
En recht-van-draad

Secuur, Simpel, Supersnel
Dát wil elke quilter wel
Ik kan al niet meer zonder
Bekijk nu zelf dit wonder! (zie de video hierboven)

Om zelf snel aan de slag te gaan met Inklingo, klik hier

XXX Anneke


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