Quilter’s Circus

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Inklingo’s Linda Franz has treated us on a great short video again about sewing a Feathered Star with Inklingo. Now, I love her videos, but I prefer not to just show them here like you can already see them on the All About Inklingo Blog. I like to add a little bit of me with Linda’s videos. I did that in my post ‘Monkey and Happiness’, and I will try to make a tradition of it, because I am sure Linda has more videos up her sleeve!

This time it is not a short story, but a light verse called Quilter’s Circus. I hope you like it. Below the poem you will find the 80 second video. Be sure to turn on the sound as well. Enjoy!

XXX Anneke

Quilter’s Circus

Go and see the circus!
The circus comes to town
Hurry, pull your pants up
And put your needles down

Grab your keys and slippers
Don’t mind ’bout looking neat
The circus trucks are pulling up
to the corner of your street

Get out and join the people
That follow the parade
With animals and music
Balloons and lemonade

Oh, come and see the circus
Cause you don’t want to miss
The laughter, lights, the glitter
Of the greatest show there is

We’ve got a patchwork big top
Hand pieced, condition mint
The ring’s a ‘Double Wedding’
And for sawdust we use lint

The ringmaster’s a Monkey
He‘s charming and he’s smart
But instead of an announcement
For each new act he’ll just fart

And then there is the line-up
True artists, rare and great
You won’t believe what they can do
I promise, just you wait

An act with jumping feed dogs
On stilts with snap-on feet
They’ll get you so excited
You’ll be jumping on your seat

Embroidering contortionists
With ribbons and with hoops
The audience goes ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’
And hardly ever ‘Oops…’

Watch Bird on the Highwire
She does amazing tricks
Blindfolded without net she’s spinning
Dresden Plates on sticks

And then there’s Linda juggling
Too many balls to track
While standing on her head
And with her hands behind her back!

And that is just the warm up
The main act’s so much more
We’ll give you an experience
You never had before:

A frog with seven sisters
All hopping in a star
They’re colorful and brilliant
And perhaps a bit bizarre

Cause they are frogs with feathers
How that became to be….?
Well, we’re about to show you
An amazing sight to see!

I can reveal this secret
It’s just the thing you need
We’re offering a sneak preview
At super sonic speed

Go on, and watch this circus
To see if it’s for you
In 80 seconds you can learn
Just what it is we do!

Inklingo’s Linda Franz heeft ons weer verwend met een leuke korte video over het naaien van een Feathered Star quiltblok. Nu ben ik dol op haar videos, maar ik laat ze toch liever niet alleen maar zien zoals jullie ze ook al op het ‘All About Inklingo’ Blog kunnen zien. Ik voeg graag een beetje van mezelf toe bij Linda’s video’s.

Dat heb ik gedaan in mijn post ‘Monkey and Happiness’, en ik wil proberen daar een traditie van te maken, omdat ik denk dat Linda met nog meer video’s komt!
Deze keer is het geen Engels verhaaltje, maar een Engels gedicht genaamd ‘Quilter’s Circus’. Ik hoop dat jullie het leuk vinden. Voor degenen die geen Engels lezen: ik heb er naaitermen en namen van quiltblokken in verwerkt, en natuurlijk werken Linda & Monkey in het circus.

Het gedicht is een inleiding op de 80 seconden video hierboven. Zorg dat je luidsprekers ook aan staan. Veel plezier!

XXX Anneke


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