Food BOM – Hollandse Hap BOM 5

Orange Block finished

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De decemberblokken zijn Orange voor de Food BOM en Pannenkoek voor de Hollandse Hap BOM. Orange [Sinaasappel] natuurlijk vanwege Sinterklaas (5 december) en zijn appeltjes van oranje. En de graag geziene Pannenkoek past natuurlijk ook prima bij dit kinderfeest. 

Pannenkoek Blok

Het blokje met de sinaasappel heb ik op dezelfde manier gemaakt als de blokken uit voorgaande afleveringen. Daar heb ik weinig aan toe te voegen, dus hier komen snel de patronen:

Alle eerdere pdf’s en de EQ7 bestanden vind je op mijn pagina met downloads, en ook in de voorgaande posts over deze BOM’s:

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XXX Anneke


Orange Block from the back

The December blocks are Orange for the Food BOM, and Pannenkoek [Pancake] for the Dutch Delights BOM, because of their loose connections with Sinterklaas [St. Nicholas Eve], a very important children’s feast on 5 December.

In the old days, Sinterklaas used to bring oranges from Spain to the Dutch. They were a special and very welcome treat back then, when vitamin C became scarce in winter.

Pannenkoeken are a traditional and very popular dish on children’s birthday parties. They are not like American pancakes, but large and flat. They are eaten as dinner, and can be sweet or savory, or both! You may find it hard to believe, but pancakes with bacon and ‘stroop’ [treacle] are a classic and very popular combination over here.

I remember my sister once came home from a birthday party, all excited. She loves pannenkoeken, and could not believe how many varieties there were at the party. She counted the different flavours on her fingers:

“There was icing sugar, and brown sugar, and strawberry jam, and molasses! They had pannenkoeken with raisins, and pannenkoeken without raisins! They had pannenkoeken with apple, and pannenkoeken without apple! There were pannenkoeken with bacon, and without bacon!…”

She had ran out of fingers by now, and did not understand why her parents and older siblings were all laughing. :-)

Pannenkoek Blok

The pannenkoek in my block is the kind with raisins, before it is smeared with all sorts of topping.

And now, the patterns:

All previous pdf’s and the EQ7 files are on my Downloads Page, and in the links in previous posts about this BOM: 

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Food BOM – Hollandse Hap BOM 3

Food BOM – Hollandse Hap BOM 4

XXX Anneke


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