Two interviews with Linda Franz


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Have you read the interview with Inklingo’s Linda Franz in the latest Electric Quilt Newsletter? She has some exciting news for Inklingoists and EQers alike! A design contest with great prizes. Design an Inklingoable quilt in EQ6 or EQ7. That should not be too hard, because they work perfectly together. I know I will enter. (Frankly… I want to win!!).

Linda said this interview was the second time she was interviewed by Penny McMorris. It made me curious about the first one, and I found it online. Click here if you want to read it, too. It is fun, and inspiring to see how far a quilter can come, in a relatively short time. That is, if you work very, very hard, and are very talented to begin with!

Now, I am asking what every fan of Monkey wants to know…Why hasn’t anyone interviewed Monkey yet?!

XXX Anneke


Heb je in de laatste Electric Quilt Nieuwsbrief het interview met Inklingo’s Linda Franz al gelezen? Ze heeft een opwindende aankondiging voor Inklingoisten en EQers! Een ontwerpwedstrijd met geweldige prijzen. Ontwerp een Inklingobare quilt in EQ6 of EQ7. Dat moet niet zo moeilijk zijn, want die twee gaan perfect samen. Ik ga zeker meedoen. (Om eerlijk te zijn…ik wil winnen!!).

Linda vertelde dat dit interview de tweede keer was dat ze werd geïnterviewd door Penny McMorris. Dat maakte me nieuwsgierig naar het eerste interview, en ik heb het op internet gevonden. Klik hier als je het ook wilt lezen. Het is grappig, en inspirerend om te zien hoe ver een quilter kan komen in een relatief beperkte tijd. Als je tenminste heel, heel hard werkt en natuurlijk al een berg talent hebt!

En nu vraag ik me af wat elke fan van Monkey wil weten….Waarom heeft nog niemand Monkey geïnterviewd?!

XXX Anneke


4 comments on “Two interviews with Linda Franz

  1. Dear Anneke, now I know you have already turned down two job proposals lately, however…
    I am pretty sure Monkey would like to be interviewed by his Sylvanian friend or at least; share experiences?! Would you ask your new friend for me?!
    Ho ho ho! I love you and your quilts so, so, so!

    • Dear Santa,
      Yes, I am very much in demand with elderly gents lately. Must be something to do with their eye sight.
      I thought that my foster baby Apie only does baby talk, which I don’t really understand. But now that you mention it, maybe Monkey can understand! Now I just have to figure out how to write the questions down :-) (prrr…bla bla? Uh?)

  2. Anneke,
    I of course thought of you instantly when Linda announced the contest because you have designed so many beautiful (and clever) Inklingo quilts in EQ. I hope I will be able to learn EQ well enough between now and the deadline to be a good competitor of yours! The prizes are WAY too good to not try to win hey?
    ~Jillian in North Dakota

    • Hi Jillian, I would love to have a lot of competition. The more the merrier! And yes, the prizes are definitely worth giving it a shot! The good news is: there are already so many Inklingo shapes and blocks available in the EQ Libraries and on the All About Inklingo Blog, that you don’t have to be able to do complicated stuff in EQ. Anyone who knows how to put a block in a quilt can enter! Hugs,Anneke

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