Club EQ Challenge Designs December 2012

China Flower Pot Pastel

China Flowerpot on Point – Porseleinen Bloemenvaas op de punt

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De alweer laatste  Club EQ Challenge voor 2012 had als thema ‘Flower Pots’, Bloempotten. Ik heb een foto van een antieke Nederlandse vaas overgetrokken met Patch Draw en er fantasiebloemen in getekend.

Ik heb deze blokken horizontaal gebruikt en op de punt in twee verschillende quiltontwerpen. Ik heb ze ingekleurd met stoffen. De plaatjes staan hieronder, onder ‘Engels’.

XXX Annika


Dutch Flower Pot 2

Dutch Flowerpot horizontal set – Hollandse Bloemenvaas horizontale setting

Dutch Flower Pot in Blue

Dutch Flowerpot in Blue – Hollandse Bloemenvaas in blauw

Already the last Club EQ Challenge for 2012, was themed ‘Flowerpots’. I traced a picture of an antique Dutch vase in Patch Draw, and added fantasy flowers.

I used this block horizontal and on point in two quilt designs. Both are colored with fabrics.

XXX Annika


2 comments on “Club EQ Challenge Designs December 2012

  1. Hello Annika,
    Stunning quilts! The flower pot is very original and very nice color choice. I am still thinking about my challenge. Hope you will have a great holiday’s season!

    • Merci beaucoup, Hélene!
      My quilts looked a bit boring colored in just solid colors, like I usually do. Luckily I found some nice fabrics on my Stash cd’s, with Dutch tiles and a lovely ombre pastel stripe, to make these designs look a bit more exciting.
      I am looking forward to seeing your entries!
      Happy holidays to you, too!
      XXX Annika

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