My EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Filler Rows and Tutorials Schedule

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Following up on my post with the general schedule of all participating blogging designers, I am giving you a little more information on the quilt row designs, the EQ7 tutorials and the giveaway that will be featured on this blog in the five weeks starting September 1, 2015.

Remember, anyone can participate and sew along! Patterns will be available for free! And you don’t need EQ software for following along.

My filler row designs:

1 September: 2 Inches high  – 30 Classic Pieced blocks – Straight stitching only – Quick and Easy – Suitable for separating two different seasons of your choice.

8 September: 3 inches high – Curved piecing (hand or machine) in a classic continuous pattern – Medium to Advanced skill level – Inklingoable! – Alternative instructions for Raw Edge fused machine applique – Two color variations – Spring or Season Neutral.

15 September: 4 inches high – Pieced – Straight stitching only (but with curved lines!) – Quick and Easy – A block designed by me – Fall.

22 September: 3 inches high – 20 Pieced blocks – Straight stitching only – Inklingoable! – Instructions and pattern for foundation piecing and for Inklingo – Easy, and quick with Inklingo – Suitable for any Season.

29 September: 2 Inches high – 30 Applique blocks – Curved lines – Medium skill level – Fairly quick to make – Pattern and instructions for raw edge fusible machine applique – Spring or Season Neutral.

My EQ7 tutorials:

My EQ tutorials will all be about the Notecards, that are attached to Quilts, Blocks, and all other Sketchbook items. This may sound like a beginner’s subject, but while researching the subject in the manual, I learned some new things, too! :-) And I consider myself an advanced user. I am glad to share my findings with you.

I chose the Notecards, instead of a ‘designing subject’, because I expect beginning EQ’ers will be downloading the project files that participating designers will be sharing. Knowing what Notecards are, and where to find them, is important, even if you have not started designing in EQ. Because we designers write important things on the notecards (like copyright information), and we want you to read that! (Please…:-))

And even if you don’t own EQ7 yet, you may want to follow my tutorials. Because Electric Quilt is giving away one EQ7 to a lucky winner! That could be you… Stay tuned on the Do You EQ Blog!

Here is the overview of Tutorial subjects:

1 September: Checking notecard information for Quilts and Blocks in Project Files.

8 September: Searching for Notecard Information.

15 September: Changing the number of Search Results.

22 September: Editing notecard information – Typing directly and Copying and Pasting text from somewhere else.

29 September: Viewing multiple notecards quickly.

My giveaway:

logo-Fat Quarter Shop

1 September: If all goes well, I will be announcing the rules for the giveaway for a 25 US dollar shopping voucher from one of our wonderful sponsors, the Fat Quarter Shop. Entering will be easy: No sewing required, and no EQ-ing!

8 September: Announcement of the lucky winner!

For more information on all the other participants, the sponsors and the prizes, see Marian’s blog Seams to be Sew, here.

See you in September!

In the meantime, I will be writing those blog posts and tutorials! (Thankfully I finished the designs, the patterns and the screen recordings. Pfew…)

And… next Wednesday and Thursday I will be taking Long arm quilting classes on a Bernina longarm :-))). I hope I will be able to post a bit about that, too. But it will definitely be after the 2015 EQ Seasons RAL is finished.

XXX Annika


3 comments on “My EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Filler Rows and Tutorials Schedule

  1. I am looking forward to the Row-A-Long, and your sharing, Annika! I may not be able to sew, due to time constraints, but I will definitely be following along!

    • Hi Laura,
      Same here ;-). I had actually misunderstood the tutorial part. I assumed they were sewing tutorials, so I thought I was off the hook, because I did not need to sew my filler rows. Oops…

      I felt like a movie star tonight, but not in a good way ;-). I kept messing up the screen recordings for the tutorials! 14 Takes for a 60 second video, aargh…

      But I finished them, and am running a backup as we speak. Better be safe…
      Hugs, Annika

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