2015 EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Start and Giveaway!


Hour Glass Filler Row

2 inch high – Hour Glass Filler Row: My first of five filler row designs for the EQ Seasons RAL

Are you ready to join us? Starting today, 20 EQ designers and bloggers will present you their designs for quilt rows, showing something of their favorite Season. Find today’s schedule with direct links to each featured blogger at the end of this post, and make sure to visit them all!

Each designer will have a free pdf pattern available for download, and some may also be sharing their EQ project files. You can join us if you don’t have EQ software, because the patterns give you all the information you need for sewing the rows of your choice. So, anyone can Row-A-Long!

 photo EQ Seasons RAL Button_zpsyolsgram.png

Plus, there are fantastic giveaways, with many many prizes! Read all about the prizes and the rules here.

My Design

As I announced in my previous post, I have designed five filler or separating rows. The first row is a simple row of hour glass blocks.

Hour Glass Filler Row

Here is what it says on the notecard in my EQ7 project file:

2 Inches high – 30 Pieced blocks – Straight stitching only – Quick and Easy

My inspiration

The hourglass block symbolizes the passing of time between seasons, so this row is nice to put between different seasons. The block used is the Basic 4X block from the EQ Block Libraries.

One Hourglass Block, a simple block of just four Quarter Square Triangles in two colors

One Hourglass Block, a simple block of just four Quarter Square Triangles in two colors

My pattern

Download the FREE pdf pattern, with fabric yardage requirements, rotary cutting and sewing instructions here: Annika Kornelis-201505 Instruction Hourglass Row – EQ Seasons RAL

201505 Instruction Hourglass Row - EQ Seasons RAL

As a bonus, it has instructions for piecing the row with Inklingo™ shapes printed on fabric! If you have the Inklingo™ Shape Collection, Quarter Square Triangles 00B, (a download with 12 sizes of QST), you can make your hour glass blocks quicker, easier and with more accuracy.

Inklingo‘s very own Linda and Monkey are also participating in, and sponsoring, this RAL! How fun! And Linda also does a filler row, so you will be seeing more Inklingoable rows. (I have two more coming up, too!).

My EQ7 Project File

You can download my project file (40.6 KB), with all 5 filler rows, through this link from Box.com. You will have to wait for the following weeks for the other patterns that belong with this EQ project file.

Note: You can only open the file if you have EQ7 software. You don’t need the EQ file for participating in the Row-A-Long. It is simply a bonus for those who have EQ7 and would like to play with the designs, like change the colorings and combine several rows from different designers in one quilt layout.

My EQ7 tutorial:

Checking notecard information for Quilts and Blocks in Project Files

My tutorials in the weeks to come will focus on the notecards.

Several bloggers will make project files of their rows available. And every designer puts important information on their notecards. We want you to read them! :-)

And for that, first you need to know that notecards exist. And second, where to find them. If you are a beginner, and don’t know about notecards yet, I will show you the way.

I have made a screen recording of EQ7 on my Mac, in which I am showing you the notecards in an example quilt project file (which happens to look a lot like the EQ Seasons RAL file that I am sharing with you).

I recommend you watch the video (50 seconds) on full screen, so you will be able to read the text. The video does not have sound. I will talk you through what I am doing right here. At the end, I will post the video again, so you can watch it again, in case you missed something.

I have opened an existing project file, that contains quilts and blocks.

I click on the ‘View Sketchbook’ button. → The sketchbook opens on the Colors tab.

I click on the Quilts Tab → The sketchbook opens on the Quilts Tab, showing a preview of a quilt.

The grey bar below the quilt preview has a row of buttons. One of these buttons reads ‘Notecard’.

I click the ‘Notecard’ button. → The Quilt Notecard appears. There is now a thick line around the ‘Notecard’ button, telling you it is the Notecard you are viewing.

On the Notecard, you can read the information I have previously recorded in the Notecard fields ‘Name’, ‘Reference’ and ‘Notes’.

The ‘Notes’ field expands in size according to the amount of text you type in there. With the slider bar on the right you can view more information: Either click and hold the small triangle on the bottom of the slider bar, or click the slider and drag it down.

If you want to return to the top of the Notes field, click and hold the triangle at the top, or click and drag the slider up again.

I close the Quilt Notecard by clicking it on the top right button, marked with an X. → The Quilt Notecard disappears.

Next, I click the Blocks Tab.  → The Sketchbook opens on the Blocks Tab.

The blocks in my sketchbook are shown in rows. You can see four of them.

The first block is automatically selected. A block that is selected has a blue line around it.

The name of the selected block is shown in the grey bar below the block overview. It takes that name from the Block Notecard.

At the bottom of the Blocks Tab in the Sketchbook, you will find the same row of Buttons as you have seen on the Quilts Tab.

I click on the Notecard Button. → The Notecard for the selected block appears. You can read the information that is on the Block Notecard in the Notecard fields ‘Name’, ‘Reference’, ‘Library’ and ‘Notes’.

I close the Block Notecard by clicking it on the top right button, marked with an X. → The Block Notecard disappears.

Next, I scroll through the Block overview to find a Library Block of which I have not edited the Notecard.

I select the Pumpkin block, and click the Notecard button. → The Notecard opens. You can see there is only information in the fields ‘Name’ and ‘Reference’. The Notes field is empty.

I close the Sketchbook. End of screen recording.

Additional information:

There are notecards attached to all Sketchbook items, so to Thread, Fabric, Photos, and Embroidery as well, except for Colors. You can see this in the beginning of the screen recording, when the Sketchbook opens at the Colors Tab. There is no Notecard Button beneath the colors.

You can view the video here again, in case you missed something. It was only 50 seconds, after all! Remember, you can pause the video whenever you need.

So now you know where to find the Notecards. If you download EQ project files, please make it a habit of checking them!

If you want to use my tutorial for practicing on your own computer, you can copy the text above and paste it into a Word document. This way, you can print it and have it next to your screen.

Next week (8 September), I will show you why the Notecards are important for searching items in the EQ Libraries.

The giveaways (‘sweepstakes’ by law)

Unlike my previous announcement of one giveaway on my blog, there will be two for every week that I participate! Wow!

Our busy host Marian of Seams to be Sew was able to find so many generous sponsors, that all of the 20 participating blogging designers will be giving away more than one prize! You are so lucky :-)!

I have made a separate page with all the rules, prizes and sponsors here. Please read the rules, so you will not be disqualified by entering in the wrong way.

Some of the giveaways are specific to one blog running for one week, some of the giveaways are for all participating designer blogs in the same week.

There are also ‘grand overall giveaways’ running for the entire duration of the 2015 EQ Seasons RAL, for participants that upload pictures to our Flickr group, of the Season blocks and/or rows they have sewn.  (Pictures of sewn blocks of the filler rows, by LindaBea or me, do not count! They are just too quick and easy to sew ;-)).

This week’s giveaways on Stof Genoeg are:

One 25 US Dollar shopping voucher from The Fat Quarter Shop. This giveaway is specific to my blog Stof Genoeg. All the other participating blogs will have their own 25 dollar giveaway for the Fat Quarter Shop!! Everyone who enters once correctly through the link on the logo below, will be entered into a drawing for this gift. The winner will be picked automatically by Rafflecopter. This will be the same for all giveaways on all participating blogs.

Click the logo to enter in the giveaway.

Click the logo to enter in the FQS voucher giveaway.

A bundle of Northcott Fabrics. Northcott Fabrics have also been incredibly generous. They have given fabric to all participating designers, to help them create the Season rows. Since I was not going to make my own rows, I thought I would save them the expense of shipping their fabric from Canada to Rotterdam. I would rather they ship some to you! :-)

And they just might, because they are giving away one bundle of 6-8 yards of fabric (in 1 yard lengths) for each week of the Row-A-Long. All entrants from all participating blogs in this week will be entered in a draw together.

You can only enter once this week for this giveaway, so if you are entering through my blog, do not enter through one of the others as well, or you will be disqualified!

You can enter for both giveaways from 1 – 8 September. Winners will be announced here and on www.seamstobesew.com within 48 hours, and they will be contacted personally.

Click the logo to enter in the Northcott fabric giveaway

Click the logo to enter in the Northcott fabric giveaway

Well, if you have made it this far into my post, you deserve to know where all the other patterns and giveaways for today are :-). Find them here:

September 1, 2015

Marlene Oddie at Kissed Quilts – Spring
Lynn Zydon Provencher at Thimblemouse & Spouse – Winter
Doris Cotten Rice at The Quilting Queen Online – Summer
Janeen van Niekerk at Quilt Art Designs – Fall
Bea Lee at Be A Quilter – Filler Row

For those of you with a Facebook account, there is also a Facebook support group.

See you next week, and good luck in the giveaways!

XXX Annika


32 comments on “2015 EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Start and Giveaway!

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  5. Thank you for your filler row. I look forward to seeing what your others are. These fillers would make a great row quilt, too.

    • Thank you Nancy, I loved the sneak preview of your row, with the quilting! I can’t wait to see what responses you get to your lovely design :-)

  6. Pingback: EQ Seasons Row-A-Long Kick Off | QuiltShopGal

    • Thank you Carol, for taking the time to comment.
      So I guess you watched the video tutorial with the preview of all my rows. :-) That’s encouraging.

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    • Hi Martina,
      Well, if you love the hourglass block, you are in luck. My crystal ball predicts you a pleasant encounter with a familiar face on September, 22.
      Exact time and place are a bit hazy… Keep your eyes peeled :-)

    • Hi Mary, Thank you for your nice comment! I will answer your question when I am home tonight. I don’t have access to EQ right now and am not completely sure where I changed the maximum number of blocks.

      In the meantime I have checked and made a screen recording. The number of blocks option is in the Quilt Worktable Options, under the Quilt Tab.

    • Hi Lorna,
      Thank you for your comment and for sending visitors my way :-).
      I can’t wait to see what responses you get to your design next week. It is so fun!

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