Week 4 of 2015 EQ Seasons Row-A-Long including Giveaway!

Hourglass Blocks On Point, with Sashings, original quilt design by Annika Kornelis - With Linda Franz' excellent instructions and free Inklingo shape collection, you could easily get carried away making hour glass blocks for your filler row. Why not make an entire quilt? :-)

Hourglass Blocks On Point, with Sashings, original quilt design by Annika Kornelis – With Linda Franz’ excellent instructions and free Inklingo shape collection, you could easily get carried away making hour glass blocks for your filler row. Why not make an entire quilt? :-)

Week 4 of the EQ Seasons Row-A-Long already!! In this five week Row-A-Long, a total of 20 EQ designers and bloggers will present you their designs (including free patterns) for quilt rows, showing something of their favorite Season. Find today’s schedule with direct links to each featured blogger at the end of this post, and make sure to visit them all!

 photo EQ Seasons RAL Button_zpsyolsgram.png

Plus, there are fantastic giveaways, with many many prizes! Read all about the prizes and the rules here.

My Separating Row Design

I don’t know if you noticed, but I am alternating blocks with straight lines and with curved lines every week. So, this week is a ‘straight line’ week. I am calling this the ‘Blowing Winds Row’. It is a bit different from my other rows, in that it has a center and goes in two directions from that center.

Blowing Winds Filler Row Chevron Blocks, foundation piecing or Inklingo

Blowing Winds Filler Row, Chevron Blocks, foundation piecing or Inklingo

My notes on this design: 20 blocks – 3 inches high – Techniques used: Machine piecing – Straight stitching only – Easy.

In my free pattern pdf, I am giving instructions for both foundation piecing and for using Inklingo™ shapes printed on fabric. This row is quicker with Inklingo™ than with foundation piecing.

I used the 3D Zig Zag Border block from the EQ Libraries for this row. Only after I designed it, as a foundation piecing row, I discovered this one could be made with Inklingo, too! So I reworked my pattern to include this option, for those who have the Celtic Solstice Shape collection.

If you don’t have the Celstic Solstice Shape collection yet, be sure to visit Linda for her filler row on the All About Inklingo blog this week, because there is also another Inklingo giveaway over there!

My inspiration: the link with the Seasons theme

My filler row for this week symbolizes the winds blowing. Winds bring warmer weather in Winter, and a bit of refreshment in Summer. They carry lovely smells throughout all seasons, especially the natural smells of Spring and Fall.

My pattern

Download the FREE pdf pattern (7 pages), with fabric yardage requirements, cutting and piecing instructions for both foundation piecing and Inklingo, here: 201508 Annika Kornelis – Instructions Blowing Winds Row – EQ Seasons RAL

My EQ7 Project File

You can download my project file (40.6 KB), with all 5 filler rows, through this link from Box.com. Note: You can only open the file if you have EQ7 software.

If you don’t have it, you have two chances coming up to win an EQ7: You could win this great quilt designing software in this week’s giveaway (for Christa Watson’s book tour) on Do You EQ (open until Friday 25 September), or in next week’s Seasons RAL giveaway from Electric Quilt!!

You will have to wait one more week for the remaining pattern that belongs with this EQ project file. (You can find the previous three patterns on my Downloads page).

My EQ7 tutorial: Editing Notecard Information

My fourth EQ7 tutorial on Notecards already, including a screen recording of EQ7 for Mac. This time, I am showing you a bit more in depth, the ways in which you can edit the Notecard information.

Before I am showing you the screen recording, there are a few things I will tell you first, because you can’t actually see it in the video:

The Notecard Notes field expands with the amount of text you type in. If you have downloaded my EQ Seasons Filler row project file, you can see I sometimes write down a lot on my Quilt or Block Notecards! If you type in a lot of text in the Notes field, you will quickly find you don’t have a good overview of your writing.

That is one of the reasons why I prefer to write longer Notecard texts in MS Word or another text editing program. You can copy text from outside EQ and paste it into the EQ Notecards.

Because I often repeat information over the notecards, I want to be able to find the relevant section quickly and just copy and paste. Within EQ, you can copy and paste text from one notecard to another notecard, but I prefer to copy from an outside text editor, and repeatedly paste the same selected text into several notecards.

Another reason why I write longer notes outside EQ, is because In the EQ Notecards, information is instantly saved as you type. This is handy, but it also means you have to be careful no to delete anything by accident. Because clicking the ‘Undo’ button (or typing in the key combination [CMD + Z] for Mac, or [CTRL + Z] for Windows machines), does not work on the Notecards!

But you can undo your previous step(s) in text editing applications like MS Word, Notepad, TextEdit, etc., so this is a safer way to work on larger texts.

Random picture of original quilt design with hourglass blocks by Annika Kornelis to break up long piece of boring tutorial text ;-)

Random picture of original quilt design with hourglass blocks by Annika Kornelis to break up long piece of boring tutorial text ;-) – Read my post from week 1 in this EQ Seasons R0w-A-Long to learn how I think the hourglass block links to the Seasons theme!

When typing in the EQ Notecards, there is no need to click a ‘Save button’ or close the Notecard first, for changes to be registered. And EQ immediately refers to the updated information in the relevant fields. I point this out to you in the video, by circling my cursor around current and updated block names.

I recommend you watch the video below (1 minute and 11 seconds) on full screen, so you will be able to read the text. There is no sound, so I will talk you through what I am doing here, in writing. I will post the video again at the end of the tutorial, so you don’t have to scroll up to watch it again, in case you missed something.

I click the ‘View Sketchbook’ button > The Project Sketchbook opens.

It shows four blocks. The top left block is automatically selected. You can tell because it has a blue line around it. The selected block is ‘Unnamed’. That’s because I drafted this block myself, and the Block Notecard is still empty.

I click the Notecard button > The Block Notecard opens.

I click in the Name Field > You see a blinking cursor appear there. I type in ‘Clamshell’

I click in the Notes field > The blinking cursor appears. I type in ‘Set as 6 x 6 inch block’.

I click in the Reference field > The cursor appears, and I type in ‘Inklingoable’.

I close the Block Notecard by clicking the top right button, marked with an X.

The first block in the Block overview is still selected, and the name now reads ‘Clamshell’ (instead of ‘Unnamed’).

I click the second Clamshell block, to select it > a blue line appears around it. The block name is 181a.

I click the Notecard Button > The Block Notecard for 181a opens. This block is from BlockBase, an EQ add-on. I am showing you here you can change names and notes for Library blocks (when they are in your sketchbook).

I click the Name field, a blinking cursor appears in front of ‘181a’. I type ‘Clamshell’ in front of ‘181a’.

I click the Notes Fields and type in some random text: XXXX. Note that the entire Notes field is showing: there is no slider bar on the right.

I close the Block Notecard by clicking the top right button, marked with an X.

The second Clamshell block is still selected, you can tell by the blue line around it. The Block name now reads ‘Clamshell 181a’ (instead of ‘181a’).

Outside EQ, at the bottom of my screen, I click the TextEdit icon > TextEdit opens with an Untitled open document, with a random text, ‘Lorem Ipsum’

I click and drag to select the Lorem Ipsum text > the selected text turns blue.

I copy the text by typing in [CMD + C]. (This key combination is for a Mac, it is [CTRL + C] on a Windows machine).

I click the yellow button with a minus sign > the Untitled TextEdit document is minimized.

I click the Notecard button for the selected Clamshell Block > The Notecard opens.

I click and drag to select ‘XXXX’, because I want to replace this text with my copied text from outside EQ. > XXXX turns blue, showing it is selected.

I paste in my text by typing in [CMD + V]. (This key combination is for a Mac, it is [CTRL + V] on a Windows machine.) > ‘Lorem ipsum’ appears in my Notes field, and the cursor is at the end of the text.

A slider bar has appeared on the right of the Notes field. The height of the slider bar is an indication of the length of the Notes text. (The longer the text, the lower the slider bar).

I click and drag the slider bar up, showing the entire field from bottom to top.

I close the Block Notecard by clicking the top right button, marked with an X > The Block Notecard disappears.

I click to select the third block in the Block overview. > A blue line appears around it, and instantly the Block name beneath the Block overview changes from ‘Clamshell 181a’ into ‘Relaxed Vine with Flowers’.

I click the Notecard button > The Block Notecard opens.

The Name field reads ‘Relaxed Vine with Flowers’, in black letters.

The Library field reads ‘9 Border Blocks > Vines’. The letters are greyed out, meaning you cannot edit this text. You can’t see it in the screen recording, but if you try to click the text, you will find that does not work.

EQ automatically fills the Library Notecard field with the relevant Library name for items that are from one of the EQ Libraries (including the Libraries you add and name yourself).

I close the Block Notecard by clicking the top right button, marked with an X > The Block Notecard disappears.

I click on the ‘Close’ button to close the Project Sketchbook.

End of screen recording.

One more note: The copying and pasting of text also works to export Notes from inside EQ into to, for instance, MS Word. This is handy if you want to have quick access to, or a good overview of several notes, by e.g. keeping a printed record.

Below, you can watch the video again:

Next week, I will show you how to quickly access several Notecards in a row, within EQ. And if you are interested in the Clamshell quilt showing in the video, read the post (from 2010) about it here.

The giveaways (‘sweepstakes’ by law)

Remember, there are giveaways on the other participating blogs, too! Make sure to visit them all. Some of the giveaways are specific to one blog running for one week, some of the giveaways are for all participating designer blogs in the same week.

Here are my two giveaways for this week:

One 25 US Dollar gift certificate from online quilt shop Connecting Threads. Please note! This wonderful prize is for USA and Canada residents only!

This giveaway is specific to my blog Stof Genoeg. Everyone who enters once correctly through the link on the logo below, will be entered into a drawing for this gift. The winner will be picked automatically by Rafflecopter. This will be the same for all giveaways on all participating blogs.

This week’s question is again, simple to answer. Entries with incorrect answers will be disqualified!

Click on the logo to enter in the giveaway for a 25 USD Connecting Threads Gift Card

Click on the logo to enter in the giveaway for a 25 USD Connecting Threads Gift Card

A bundle of Northcott Fabrics. If you have been following the EQ Seasons RAL, you know about this weekly giveaway from our generous sponsor, Northcott Fabrics. They are giving away one bundle of 6-8 yards of fabric (in 1 yard lengths) for each week of the Row-A-Long. All entrants from all participating blogs in this week will be entered in a draw together.

You can only enter once this week for this giveaway, so if you are entering through my blog, do not enter through one of the others as well (or vice versa), or you will be disqualified!

You can enter for both giveaways from 22 – 29 September. Winners will be announced here and on www.seamstobesew.com within 48 hours, and they will be contacted personally.

Click the logo to enter in the Northcott fabric giveaway

Click the logo to enter in the Northcott fabric giveaway

Craftsy and Nancy’s Notions Giveaways:

There is another giveaway, running until 13 October, 2015, for those who sew along. You can win Craftsy classes and Nancy’s notions gift certificates.

For entering, stitch out a block from any of the full size Seasons rows. The smaller Filler Rows (by Bea from Be A Quilter, Linda from the All About Inklingo Blog or by me here on Stof Genoeg) are excluded.

You need to upload a picture of your block to the Flickr Group prior to entering. You may enter this giveaway every day from September 01, 2015 to October 13, 2015 (Once for each unique block you have stitched and uploaded a picture for). After uploading your picture, go back to any of the blogs with the link (not mine) to the giveaway, and enter. All entries will be double checked for compliance to the rules. Find the EQ Seasons Flickr group here.

You will be entered in a draw for the following prizes:

  • Craftsy: 1 class of your choice – 3 total classes Average Value $40.00 each
  • Nancy’s Notions: 1 $10.00 of gift certificate – 2 total certificates Total Value $20.00.

By entering any of these giveaways, it is assumed that you agree with the rules and guidelines, stated both here and in the giveaway box.

And today’s schedule of participating bloggers/designers, presenting their free patterns, giveaways and EQ tutorials is:

September 22, 2015

Carla Henton at Creatin’ in the Sticks – Summer
Patti Carey at Patti’s Patchwork – Winter
Nancy Myers at Patchwork Breeze – Spring
Marian Pena at Seams To Be Sew – Fall
Linda Franz at the All About Inklingo Blog – Filler Row

For those of you with a Facebook account, there is also a Facebook support group.

See you next week, and good luck in the giveaways!

XXX Annika


8 comments on “Week 4 of 2015 EQ Seasons Row-A-Long including Giveaway!

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  3. Annika, I also had to chuckle when I read the caption for the hourglass quilt. I love how you changed it from the first design. Now it sparkles! Amazing what a difference small changes can make!

    I am enjoying your notecard tutorials! I really ought to make better use of my notes! Especially the older that I get. Ha, ha!

    • Good to hear Laura! ;-)
      I know how easily the notecards slip. I very often find I have written everything down, and then I make one more change to the quilt or block…. Voila, a blank notecard!
      So I often come across final versions of my quilts or blocks without notes. And then I have to find the one with all the notes! And chances are I deleted that one, to avoid confusion about version. :-(

      So I will start using my own tip more often, and write the notes down in MS Word or something, with a reference to the EQ7 file name. Much easier to retrieve!

  4. I had to smile at the caption on your random picture – which is a quilt photo I like, btw. Thanks for the interesting information on the notecard, and especially the warning about losing notes with undo!

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