Playing with Simple Blocks in EQ – Part 1

I have been playing around with a set of four blocks in EQ7. The combination is very versatile, as I hope to show you.

These blocks are very simple to draw in EQ. I think, even if you are a beginner, you will want to try this, and play with them yourself! I am starting with just two blocks:

Even with just the most simple block, the striped one on the left, you can make some really nice quilts!

Weave quilt, striped blocks only, set on point – original design by Annika Kornelis

Simple sewing, and you can make these blocks with the Inklingo shape collections for Log Cabin, available in several sizes. This design is square blocks set on point. I think an on point set always looks more dynamic than a horizontal set, so I prefer this for very simple blocks.

And I hope the picture above shows that, by adding a bit of randomness into block placement and coloring, a quilt with a very simple block does not necessarily look predictable.

Next is a quilt which combines both blocks.

Maze quilt, two colors  – Original design by Annika Kornelis

I love this graphic, dynamic look! It is very much the same as the quilt above, I just replaced some of the striped blocks with a log cabin block, and I reversed the coloring on some of the blocks, to break up longer lines.

If you prefer it a bit more playful, randomly add some color, including value changes to lighten up the rigid contrast, like I have done in the quilt design below.

Maze quilt, same as above, only different coloring – original design by Annika Kornelis

In my next post, I will combine the striped block with a different block, and we’ll see what happens!

XXX Annika


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