Itchiku Kubota Kimonos (re)visited

I have been home for a week now, and I am still in a post-trip-of-a-lifetime depression.

But today, a package arrived, which managed to pierce through the thick clouds of grey. It was a gift to myself, a reminder of the beauty of the country we travelled, and for which I think I will be a bit homesick for the rest of my life.

Book: Kimono as Art – The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota

Yes, we have been to Japan. A gastronomic tour of almost 3 weeks, with our stay at Lake Kawaguchiko, including our visit to the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum as the absolute highlight.

I have seen some of his work in 2015, and have been wanting to visit his museum ever since. And now we have.

Imagine: Gorgeous weather, cherry blossoms in full bloom between our terrace and the lake, and a clear view of Mount Fuji behind the lake.

Not a postcard, just a picture we took from our hotel

A private open air hot spring bath for us to enjoy this eternally beautiful view (with some good, chilled sake at hand) and only a 15 minute walk from the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. Oh yes, we have been living the Japanese dream.

Sorry about the feet… but this is us, in our private hot spring bath!

Back when I was still happy…


XXX Annika


8 comments on “Itchiku Kubota Kimonos (re)visited

  1. Your real life phot doesn’t look anything like the photo on your blog. ;) Thanks for giving a peek of your fabulous trip. Your country is “trip of a lifetime” worthy as well.

    • Well, the profile picture is 8 years old Mary! I changed my hairstyle, hair color, glasses and keyboard… But the top still fits! (stretch will do the trick).

      I can assure you I looked ex-act-ly like the profile picture 8 years ago. Except for the six fingers, that was just bragging. Or being really bad at math. But definitely not my drawing skills. My drawing is awesome.

      Can you believe I could already draw like that when I was just a little girl?! ;- )

      Hugs, Annika

  2. What an amazing experience. Sitting in a private hot spring and gazing out at Mt Fuji with sakura blooming is just a dream for many people here. I’m so happy you could live that dream!

    • Thank you Linda. Yes, I don’t think we are going to top that. It is very sad to realize my life can now only go downhill from Mount Fuji…;-)

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