Mariner’s Whirl Quilt Design – Rotations

Inklingo Mariner’s Whirl Quilt Design. Original block designs by Jinny Beyer and Judy Martin. Quilt design by Annika Kornelis.

I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday, and only noticed some imperfections in yesterday’s design after I hit ‘Publish’.

I should have used EQ’s ‘Fussy cut’ tool to align the stripes of the border fabrics. (Check).

I could have mirrored the Mariner’s Whirl blocks to align the direction of the overlapping patches with the Waltzing Matilda blocks (Something went wrong, and only the top left block is mirrored :-(. (But hey, this looks cool already, and I really don’t want to click several dozens of times to rotate all these striped fabric patches AGAIN)

Inklingo provides the necessary mirror image shapes for Mariner’s Whirl so you can combine these blocks in the most harmonious way.

And, just for fun, I rotated the striped fabrics some more. The Mariner’s Whirl blocks now each show different rotations of the focus fabric. I also rotated the stripes in the Waltzing Matilda blocks. I like this version better than yesterday’s.

Now the really cool thing is that EQ scales the fabrics to the size of the block. So, (if you don’t mind a bit of bias edges on your patches), you can make your blocks look exactly the same in fabric.

The wider red and white stripe is a quarter inch [0,6 cm.] stripe, and here it is set in the 12″ Mariner’s Whirl block. This particular fabric is by Riley Blake Designs, C-555 RED. And, when I just checked, I found it available online!

And of course, using a diagonally printed stripe would yield very similar results, and easier printing and piecing for some of these options.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go get some striped fabrics and download Inklingo’s Mariner’s Whirl shapes!!

XXX Annika




7 comments on “Mariner’s Whirl Quilt Design – Rotations

  1. Well…. I would have to walk all the way to the basement to find some striped fabric. THAT would be exercise.

    Love your over achievement.

    Your sister in ‘there’s no such thing as too much detail,

    • Thank you Whiskers! Exercise….brrrr…..;-) I think it’s only over achievement if you actually piece all those striped patches neatly directional!

      Sisterly hugs, Annika


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