Canada 150 Quilt!

Canada 150 Quilt – original design by Annika Kornelis

Happy Anniversary, dear Canada! 150 already on 1 July of this year, and you’re looking beautiful as ever :-)

This post actually is ‘Playing with Simple Blocks in EQ – Part 4’. The picture below shows a bit better how I used my four simple blocks from the previous posts, to create letters.

Canada 150 quilt with outlines – original design by Annika Kornelis

I created so many variations for each letter, I had a hard time picking the one I liked best. So, I just included different versions of repeated letters.

I intentionally made every letter in the word ‘Canada’ unique. It represents the idea that, no matter what you look like, and what choices you make, everyone’s contribution to the whole is equally valuable. You can be an A in many different ways!

I find it very interesting to see how the four simple elements I put together create looks that remind me of art from different cultures.

Some of the quilt designs I made with these blocks remind me of Celtic art, some look a bit Asian, some vaguely echo Aboriginal art. I guess the same elements are used by humans throughout different times and cultures to create their art.

Very versatile set of four blocks!

I love that what I do with EQ in my simple, very modern way, connects me to these artists :-)

So, my design celebrates the ethnic and cultural diversity of Canada, using the colors of the Canadian flag.

Happy Canada Day!

XXX Annika