Starry Path Quilt Designs

Starry Path Quilt – blocks On Point – Inklingo block sizes 6, 8 and 9 inch available

Linda Franz keeps releasing new Inklingo shapes! I just can’t keep up. Not all of them are easy to draft and play with in EQ, so I am not showing designs with shapes from Willyne Hammerstein’s Millefiori books.

I have been playing with the recently released Starry Path blocks. Inklingo shapes are currently available for 6, 8 and 9 inch blocks. They are very nice just by themselves, in an on point setting.

If you add plain sashings in the background color, the stars have a little more space.

Starry Path Blocks on point. Same as above, but with plain sashings – original quilt design by Annika Kornelis

And of course, then you can add a small block in the cornerstones.

Starry Path Blocks On Point, with plain sashings and nine patch blocks in cornerstones. Original quilt design by Annika Kornelis.

I combined the Starry Path blocks with nine patch blocks, double nine patch blocks and the ‘bordered nine patch’ block. All these blocks are in EQ, so I did not have to draft anything. The Starry Path block is under the name of Interwoven Star.

Below are some more examples of the blocks in a straight set. Check the Inklingo Index of Shapes for the available squares, depending on the block size of your choice.

Starry Path Blocks in horizontal set, alternated with ‘bordered nine patch’ blocks. Original quilt design by Annika Kornelis.

Starry Path blocks in horizontal set, alternated with double nine patch blocks. Original quilt design by Annika Kornelis.

Well, I hope you are inspired to make an Inklingo Starry Path quilt!

XXX Annika